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Question: What is GamesFen?

Answer: The idea of GamesFen is to gather maximum quality game sites for every taste and this is what the staff is working on. The sites are categorized according to the content. For your convenience and to get maximum information, each link has its own box.Here is how it looks:




Question: Do I have to install any software so I can play games?

Answer: Some of the games need Flash Player or Shockwave Player. In both cases the browser will offer you to install the needed software. Some sites offering multiplayer games acquire installation of their own software in order to be able to connect to their servers and to play against other players.

Question: When I try to play a game it loads very slowly. What should I do??

Answer: The slow loading of games could be caused by 2 reasons:

- Your Internet connection is slow

- The host of the game is on a slow server

In both cases the reasons are outside GamesFen.

Tip: Use the search function of the site if you look for something specific.